Commit 197454b5 authored by sigbjornf's avatar sigbjornf Committed by Commit bot

Address ThreadHeap::willObjectBeLazilySwept() corner case.

If willObjectBeLazilySwept(object) was used when finalizing an object on a
lazily swept page, and |object| happened to reside on the same heap page,
the predicate would return the wrong result if the object had been swept
past (and it had been deemed to be alive.)

Addressed by adding a special case for querying objects on the same page,
making willObjectBeLazilySwept() precisely determine liveness in the
face of lazy sweeping.


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parent 973fd8c6
......@@ -277,11 +277,22 @@ public:
static_assert(IsGarbageCollectedType<T>::value, "only objects deriving from GarbageCollected can be used.");
BasePage* page = pageFromObject(objectPointer);
// Page has been swept and it is still alive.
if (page->hasBeenSwept())
return false;
return !ThreadHeap::isHeapObjectAlive(const_cast<T*>(objectPointer));
// If marked and alive, the object hasn't yet been swept..and won't
// be once its page is processed.
if (ThreadHeap::isHeapObjectAlive(const_cast<T*>(objectPointer)))
return false;
if (page->isLargeObjectPage())
return true;
// If the object is unmarked, it may be on the page currently being
// lazily swept.
return page->arena()->willObjectBeLazilySwept(page, const_cast<T*>(objectPointer));
// Push a trace callback on the marking stack.
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@
#include "wtf/CurrentTime.h"
#include "wtf/LeakAnnotations.h"
#include "wtf/PassOwnPtr.h"
#include "wtf/TemporaryChange.h"
#include "wtf/allocator/PageAllocator.h"
#include "wtf/allocator/Partitions.h"
......@@ -315,6 +316,13 @@ bool BaseArena::lazySweepWithDeadline(double deadlineSeconds)
ASSERT(!getThreadState()->isMainThread() || ScriptForbiddenScope::isScriptForbidden());
NormalPageArena* normalArena = nullptr;
if (m_firstUnsweptPage && !m_firstUnsweptPage->isLargeObjectPage()) {
// Mark this NormalPageArena as being lazily swept.
NormalPage* normalPage = reinterpret_cast<NormalPage*>(m_firstUnsweptPage);
normalArena = normalPage->arenaForNormalPage();
int pageCount = 1;
while (m_firstUnsweptPage) {
......@@ -322,12 +330,16 @@ bool BaseArena::lazySweepWithDeadline(double deadlineSeconds)
if (deadlineSeconds <= monotonicallyIncreasingTime()) {
// Deadline has come.
if (normalArena)
return !m_firstUnsweptPage;
if (normalArena)
return true;
......@@ -353,12 +365,72 @@ Address BaseArena::allocateLargeObject(size_t allocationSize, size_t gcInfoIndex
return largeObject;
bool BaseArena::willObjectBeLazilySwept(BasePage* page, void* objectPointer) const
// If not on the current page being (potentially) lazily swept, |objectPointer|
// is an unmarked, sweepable object.
if (page != m_firstUnsweptPage)
return true;
// Check if the arena is currently being lazily swept.
NormalPage* normalPage = reinterpret_cast<NormalPage*>(page);
NormalPageArena* normalArena = normalPage->arenaForNormalPage();
if (!normalArena->isLazySweeping())
return true;
// Rare special case: unmarked object is on the page being lazily swept,
// and a finalizer for an object on that page calls ThreadHeap::willObjectBeLazilySwept().
// Need to determine if |objectPointer| represents a live (unmarked) object or an
// unmarked object that will be lazily swept later. As lazy page sweeping
// doesn't record a frontier pointer representing how far along it is, the
// page is scanned from the start, skipping past freed & unmarked regions.
// If no marked objects are encountered before |objectPointer|, we know
// that the finalizing object calling willObjectBeLazilySwept() comes later,
// and |objectPointer| has been deemed to be alive already (=> it won't be swept.)
// If a marked object is encountered before |objectPointer|, it will
// not have been lazily swept past already. Hence it represents an unmarked,
// sweepable object.
// As willObjectBeLazilySwept() is used rarely and it happening to be
// used while runnning a finalizer on the page being lazily swept is
// even rarer, the page scan is considered acceptable and something
// really wanted -- willObjectBeLazilySwept()'s result can be trusted.
Address pageEnd = normalPage->payloadEnd();
for (Address headerAddress = normalPage->payload(); headerAddress < pageEnd; ) {
HeapObjectHeader* header = reinterpret_cast<HeapObjectHeader*>(headerAddress);
size_t size = header->size();
// Scan made it to |objectPointer| without encountering any marked objects.
// => lazy sweep will have processed this unmarked, but live, object.
// => |objectPointer| will not be lazily swept.
// Notice that |objectPointer| might be pointer to a GarbageCollectedMixin,
// hence using fromPayload() to derive the HeapObjectHeader isn't possible
// (and use its value to check if |headerAddress| is equal to it.)
if (headerAddress > objectPointer)
return false;
if (!header->isFree() && header->isMarked()) {
// There must be a marked object on this page and the one located must
// have room after it for the unmarked |objectPointer| object.
DCHECK(headerAddress + size < pageEnd);
return true;
headerAddress += size;
return true;
NormalPageArena::NormalPageArena(ThreadState* state, int index)
: BaseArena(state, index)
, m_currentAllocationPoint(nullptr)
, m_remainingAllocationSize(0)
, m_lastRemainingAllocationSize(0)
, m_promptlyFreedSize(0)
, m_isLazySweeping(false)
......@@ -621,6 +693,7 @@ bool NormalPageArena::shrinkObject(HeapObjectHeader* header, size_t newSize)
Address NormalPageArena::lazySweepPages(size_t allocationSize, size_t gcInfoIndex)
TemporaryChange<bool> isLazySweeping(m_isLazySweeping, true);
Address result = nullptr;
while (m_firstUnsweptPage) {
BasePage* page = m_firstUnsweptPage;
......@@ -494,7 +494,6 @@ public:
return sizeof(NormalPage) + paddingSize;
NormalPageArena* arenaForNormalPage();
......@@ -696,6 +695,8 @@ public:
Address allocateLargeObject(size_t allocationSize, size_t gcInfoIndex);
bool willObjectBeLazilySwept(BasePage*, void*) const;
BasePage* m_firstPage;
BasePage* m_firstUnsweptPage;
......@@ -741,6 +742,9 @@ public:
return header->payloadEnd() == m_currentAllocationPoint;
bool isLazySweeping() const { return m_isLazySweeping; }
void setIsLazySweeping(bool flag) { m_isLazySweeping = flag; }
void allocatePage();
Address outOfLineAllocate(size_t allocationSize, size_t gcInfoIndex);
......@@ -763,6 +767,8 @@ private:
// The size of promptly freed objects in the heap.
size_t m_promptlyFreedSize;
bool m_isLazySweeping;
class LargeObjectArena final : public BaseArena {
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