Commit 29dc0ca0 authored by dpranke's avatar dpranke Committed by Commit bot

Remove no-longer-needed debug output from run-webkit-tests.

While debugging bug 522396, we added code to dump all of the
running processes at the end of a run-webkit-tests run. We
no longer need that code, so I'm removing it :).

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#467233}
parent a6167501
......@@ -595,13 +595,6 @@ def run(port, options, args, logging_stream, stdout):
_log.debug('Testing completed, Exit status: %d', run_details.exit_code)
# Temporary process dump for debugging windows timeout issues, see
_log.debug('Process dump:')
for process in
_log.debug('\t%s', process)
return run_details
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