Commit 3655785f authored by Gordana.Cmiljanovic's avatar Gordana.Cmiljanovic Committed by Commit bot

MIPS: Fix _rebased_android_toolchain_root name spelling error

Fixing spelling error introduced with:

BUG=gn gen error:
ERROR at //build/config/compiler/ Undefined identifier in string expansion.
    ldflags += [ "--gcc-toolchain=$rebased_android_toolchain_root" ]
"rebased_android_toolchain_root" is not currently in scope.
See //build/config/ which caused the file to be included.

TEST=gn gen out-gn/mips-android --args="is_debug=false target_os=\"android\" target_cpu=\"mipsel\"  is_clang=true"

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#396807}
parent e1a83859
......@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@ config("compiler") {
# Let clang find the ld.bfd in the NDK.
_rebased_android_toolchain_root =
rebase_path(android_toolchain_root, root_build_dir)
ldflags += [ "--gcc-toolchain=$rebased_android_toolchain_root" ]
ldflags += [ "--gcc-toolchain=$_rebased_android_toolchain_root" ]
if (is_posix && (use_gold || (use_lld && !is_nacl)) && !using_sanitizer &&
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