Commit 7a28b96c authored by Vladimir Levin's avatar Vladimir Levin Committed by Commit Bot

cc/images: Resuse the closest available decode for scaling sw images.

This patch ensures that we don't always go to full scale decode if
an intermediate scale is available. Likewise, when we do decode to scale
this would first find an available decode (even if it's the full size
decode from the decode api) before trying to actually decode to scale.

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Change-Id: I7b464aa0964b2cbc5e873780d70582865085625a
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Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#516113}
parent 9761a879
......@@ -73,35 +73,17 @@ class AutoRemoveKeyFromTaskMap {
const SoftwareImageDecodeCache::ImageKey& key_;
class AutoDrawWithImageFinished {
AutoDrawWithImageFinished(SoftwareImageDecodeCache* cache,
const DrawImage& draw_image,
const DecodedDrawImage& decoded_draw_image)
: cache_(cache),
decoded_draw_image_(decoded_draw_image) {}
~AutoDrawWithImageFinished() {
cache_->DrawWithImageFinished(draw_image_, decoded_draw_image_);
SoftwareImageDecodeCache* cache_;
const DrawImage& draw_image_;
const DecodedDrawImage& decoded_draw_image_;
class ImageDecodeTaskImpl : public TileTask {
ImageDecodeTaskImpl(SoftwareImageDecodeCache* cache,
const SoftwareImageDecodeCache::ImageKey& image_key,
const DrawImage& image,
const PaintImage& paint_image,
SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeTaskType task_type,
const ImageDecodeCache::TracingInfo& tracing_info)
: TileTask(true),
tracing_info_(tracing_info) {}
......@@ -111,10 +93,10 @@ class ImageDecodeTaskImpl : public TileTask {
"software", "source_prepare_tiles_id",
devtools_instrumentation::ScopedImageDecodeTask image_decode_task(
cache_->DecodeImageInTask(image_key_, image_, task_type_);
cache_->DecodeImageInTask(image_key_, paint_image_, task_type_);
// Overridden from TileTask:
......@@ -128,7 +110,7 @@ class ImageDecodeTaskImpl : public TileTask {
SoftwareImageDecodeCache* cache_;
SoftwareImageDecodeCache::ImageKey image_key_;
DrawImage image_;
PaintImage paint_image_;
SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeTaskType task_type_;
const ImageDecodeCache::TracingInfo tracing_info_;
......@@ -310,8 +292,8 @@ SoftwareImageDecodeCache::GetTaskForImageAndRefInternal(
if (!task) {
// Ref image once for the task.
task = base::MakeRefCounted<ImageDecodeTaskImpl>(this, key, image,
task_type, tracing_info);
task = base::MakeRefCounted<ImageDecodeTaskImpl>(
this, key, image.paint_image(), task_type, tracing_info);
return TaskResult(task);
......@@ -365,7 +347,7 @@ void SoftwareImageDecodeCache::UnrefImage(const ImageKey& key) {
void SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageInTask(const ImageKey& key,
const DrawImage& image,
const PaintImage& paint_image,
DecodeTaskType task_type) {
TRACE_EVENT1("cc", "SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageInTask", "key",
......@@ -380,7 +362,7 @@ void SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageInTask(const ImageKey& key,
DCHECK_GT(cache_entry->ref_count, 0);
DecodeImageIfNecessary(key, image, cache_entry);
DecodeImageIfNecessary(key, paint_image, cache_entry);
DCHECK(cache_entry->decode_failed || cache_entry->is_locked);
MipMapUtil::GetLevelForSize(key.src_rect().size(), key.target_size()));
......@@ -388,7 +370,7 @@ void SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageInTask(const ImageKey& key,
void SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageIfNecessary(
const ImageKey& key,
const DrawImage& draw_image,
const PaintImage& paint_image,
CacheEntry* entry) {
"SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageIfNecessary", "key",
......@@ -396,7 +378,6 @@ void SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageIfNecessary(
DCHECK_GT(entry->ref_count, 0);
const PaintImage& paint_image = draw_image.paint_image();
if (key.target_size().IsEmpty())
entry->decode_failed = true;
......@@ -422,36 +403,72 @@ void SoftwareImageDecodeCache::DecodeImageIfNecessary(
(gfx::RectToSkIRect(key.src_rect()) != full_size_rect);
const SkIRect target_size_rect =
SkIRect::MakeWH(key.target_size().width(), key.target_size().height());
std::unique_ptr<CacheEntry> local_cache_entry;
// Note that this block runs without the lock held so it's important not to
// access |entry| here since it's coming from a map that can be accessed by
// other threads.
base::AutoUnlock release(lock_);
std::unique_ptr<CacheEntry> local_cache_entry;
// If this is a full size, unsubrected image, we will definitely need to do
// a decode.
if (!need_subset && target_size_rect == full_size_rect) {
base::AutoUnlock release(lock_);
local_cache_entry = DoDecodeImage(key, paint_image);
} else {
// Use the full image decode to generate a scaled/subrected decode.
// TODO(vmpstr): Change this part to find a good candidate first other
// than the full decode. Also this part needs to handle decode to scale.
DrawImage full_size_draw_image(
base::Optional<ImageKey> candidate_key;
auto image_keys_it = frame_key_to_image_keys_.find(key.frame_key());
// We know that we must have at least our own |entry| in this list, so it
// won't be empty.
DCHECK(image_keys_it != frame_key_to_image_keys_.end());
auto& available_keys = image_keys_it->second;
std::sort(available_keys.begin(), available_keys.end(),
[](const ImageKey& one, const ImageKey& two) {
// Return true if |one| scale is less than |two| scale.
return one.target_size().width() < two.target_size().width() &&
one.target_size().height() < two.target_size().height();
for (auto& available_key : available_keys) {
// Only consider keys coming from the same src rect, since otherwise the
// resulting image was extracted using a different src. Only consider keys
if (available_key.src_rect() != key.src_rect())
// that are at least as big as the required |key|.
if (available_key.target_size().width() < key.target_size().width() ||
available_key.target_size().height() < key.target_size().height()) {
auto image_it = decoded_images_.Peek(available_key);
DCHECK(image_it != decoded_images_.end());
auto* available_entry = image_it->second.get();
if (available_entry->is_locked || available_entry->Lock()) {
if (!candidate_key) {
DrawImage candidate_draw_image(
paint_image, full_size_rect, kNone_SkFilterQuality, SkMatrix::I(),
key.frame_key().frame_index(), key.target_color_space());
auto decoded_draw_image = GetDecodedImageForDraw(full_size_draw_image);
ImageKey::FromDrawImage(candidate_draw_image, color_type_));
auto decoded_draw_image =
GetDecodedImageForDrawInternal(*candidate_key, paint_image);
AutoDrawWithImageFinished auto_finish_draw(this, full_size_draw_image,
if (!decoded_draw_image.image()) {
local_cache_entry = nullptr;
} else {
base::AutoUnlock release(lock_);
local_cache_entry =
GenerateCacheEntryFromCandidate(key, decoded_draw_image);
// Unref to balance the GetDecodedImageForDrawInternal() call.
} // End of the unlock block.
if (!local_cache_entry) {
entry->decode_failed = true;
......@@ -552,12 +569,13 @@ DecodedDrawImage SoftwareImageDecodeCache::GetDecodedImageForDraw(
const DrawImage& draw_image) {
base::AutoLock hold(lock_);
return GetDecodedImageForDrawInternal(
ImageKey::FromDrawImage(draw_image, color_type_), draw_image);
ImageKey::FromDrawImage(draw_image, color_type_),
DecodedDrawImage SoftwareImageDecodeCache::GetDecodedImageForDrawInternal(
const ImageKey& key,
const DrawImage& draw_image) {
const PaintImage& paint_image) {
"key", key.ToString());
......@@ -574,7 +592,7 @@ DecodedDrawImage SoftwareImageDecodeCache::GetDecodedImageForDrawInternal(
DecodeImageIfNecessary(key, draw_image, cache_entry);
DecodeImageIfNecessary(key, paint_image, cache_entry);
auto decoded_draw_image =
DecodedDrawImage(cache_entry->image(), cache_entry->src_rect_offset(),
GetScaleAdjustment(key), GetDecodedFilterQuality(key));
......@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ class CC_EXPORT SoftwareImageDecodeCache
// Decode the given image and store it in the cache. This is only called by an
// image decode task from a worker thread.
void DecodeImageInTask(const ImageKey& key,
const DrawImage& image,
const PaintImage& paint_image,
DecodeTaskType task_type);
void OnImageDecodeTaskCompleted(const ImageKey& key,
......@@ -248,15 +248,14 @@ class CC_EXPORT SoftwareImageDecodeCache
std::unique_ptr<CacheEntry> DecodeImageInternal(const ImageKey& key,
const DrawImage& draw_image);
// Get the decoded draw image for the given key and draw_image. Note that this
// function has to be called with no lock acquired, since it will acquire its
// own locks and might call DecodeImageInternal above. Also note that this
// function will use the provided key, even if
// ImageKey::FromDrawImage(draw_image) would return a different key.
// Note that when used internally, we still require that
// DrawWithImageFinished() is called afterwards.
DecodedDrawImage GetDecodedImageForDrawInternal(const ImageKey& key,
const DrawImage& draw_image);
// Get the decoded draw image for the given key and paint_image. Note that
// this function has to be called with no lock acquired, since it will acquire
// its own locks and might call DecodeImageInternal above. Note that
// when used internally, we still require that DrawWithImageFinished() is
// called afterwards.
DecodedDrawImage GetDecodedImageForDrawInternal(
const ImageKey& key,
const PaintImage& paint_image);
// Removes unlocked decoded images until the number of decoded images is
// reduced within the given limit.
......@@ -275,7 +274,7 @@ class CC_EXPORT SoftwareImageDecodeCache
CacheEntry* AddCacheEntry(const ImageKey& key);
void DecodeImageIfNecessary(const ImageKey& key,
const DrawImage& draw_image,
const PaintImage& paint_image,
CacheEntry* cache_entry);
void AddBudgetForImage(const ImageKey& key, CacheEntry* entry);
void RemoveBudgetForImage(const ImageKey& key, CacheEntry* entry);
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