Commit d8807ee1 authored by isheriff's avatar isheriff Committed by Commit bot

Report better error message on update sandbox for gn builds

The documentation for gn builds specifies using a different
output directory than gyp builds, but the update sandbox script
reports error message assuming only gyp builds.

Update the error message to prod user into specifying BUILDTYPE
to find the sandbox in the right place


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parent 5cd819b3
......@@ -39,8 +39,9 @@ if [ ! -d "${CHROME_OUT_DIR}" ]; then
if [ ! -f "${CHROME_SANDBOX_BUILD_PATH}" ]; then
echo -n "Could not find ${CHROME_SANDBOX_BUILD_PATH}, "
echo "please make sure you build the chrome_sandbox target"
echo "Could not find ${CHROME_SANDBOX_BUILD_PATH}"
echo -n "BUILDTYPE is $BUILDTYPE, use \"BUILDTYPE=<value> ${0}\" to override "
echo "after you build the chrome_sandbox target"
exit 1
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