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      Make it possible to launch chrome --mash with ozone_platform={wayland|x11}, chromeos=0 · b10ea66f
      tonikitoo authored
      As of now, chrome --mash is possible to get launched on regular
      chrome desktop Linux builds (with enable_package_mash_services = true)
      and on chromeos builds.
      CL provides a first step for running with chrome --mash
      natively on both Wayland and X11, through Ozone.
      It includes 3 stub'ed methods for now, to be implemented follow up CLs.
      GN args:
        use_ozone = true
        ozone_platform_wayland = true
        ozone_platform_x11 = true
        ozone_auto_platforms = false
        enable_package_mash_services = true
      Additionally, CL also makes it possible to turn green the FYI
      linux/ozone bot, worked out by thomasanderson@ et al.
      TEST= <out>/chrome --mash --ozone-platform=wayland|x11 --user-data-dir=~/tmp
      Review-Url: https://codereview.chromium.org/2408803002
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