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    Download Service: Handle transient download in target determiner. · b8b90143
    Xing Liu authored
    This CL fixed an issue that transient download may trigger android UI
    and cancel the download in download resumption.
    How it happens: In resumption, we feed current path as initial path to
    target determiner instead of forced path. Target determiner may change
    the download path from DS internal storage to external storage, this
    creates the following issues:
    1. External storage needs permission.
    2. Conflict files are not rewritten, but needs user confirmation with
    a snackbar, because we don't have webcontents, target determiner will
    delete itself and fail the download with reason USER_CANCEL.
    All the Android leak will call into
    DownloadManagerService::OnDownloadCanceled, where it shows two kinds of
    error messages in toast.
    This issue may be also related to issue 762173.
    Bug: 769805, 769426
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