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    cocoa: allow application shortcuts to override builtin shortcuts · 1320aeb7
    Elly Fong-Jones authored
    This change refactors the Mac command dispatcher delegate to allow application
    shortcuts to override builtin shortcuts. This always worked for non-"window"
    shortcuts, but window shortcuts were dispatched in prePerformKeyEquivalent:,
    so they had higher priority than menu key equivalents. This change causes
    prePerformKeyEquivalent: to check for a menu key equivalent and execute that
    before consulting the window shortcut table. Since none of Chrome's default key
    equivalents overlap the window shortcuts, any menu item whose key equivalent
    matches a window shortcut is user-added and should have absolute priority.
    Bug: 410357
    Change-Id: I853168f1aee6c2fa82757f3fd41e04d7fc2a79be
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