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    [Chromoting] Retrieve process resource usage (ProcessStats) and its tests · 4f3f095f
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    ProcessStatsStub is an interface to receive process resource usage information
    from a ProcessStats.
    ProcessResourceUsage is a structure to store the resource usage of one process.
    AggregatedProcessResourceUsage is a structure to store the resource usgaes of
    several processes.
    ProcessStatsAgent is an interface to retrieve resource usage of one process.
    CurrentProcessStatsAgent is a ProcessStatsAgent implementation to retrieve
    resource usage from current process.
    ForwardProcessStatsAgent receives resource usage from a third-party and forwards
    the latest usage as a ProcessStatsAgent.
    ProcessStatsSender is a class to regularly report resource usages from various
    ProcessStatsAgent implementations to a ProcessStatsStub. It merges several
    non-empty ProcessResourceUsage into one AggregatedProcessResourceUsage.
    This is typical useful on Windows: we need to calculate the resource usages from
    both network process and desktop process.
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