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    Implement TransformStream behind a flag · 9dc1afc1
    Adam Rice authored
    Add an implementation of TransformStream using v8 extras. It will be
    enabled when --enable-experimental-web-platform-features is enabled.
    Implementation is conformant to the standard:
    Tests are not included in this CL, as they are due to move from the
    whatwg/streams repository to the w3c/web-platform-tests repository very
    soon. All transform stream tests pass.
    Some changes have been made to the existing ReadableStream and
    WritableStream extensions to enable the implementation.
    - ReadableStreamDefaultControllerHasBackpressure and
      ReadableStreamDefaultControllerCanCloseOrEnqueue abstract operations
      have been implemented. These were already in the standard.
    - getReadableStreamEnqueueError has been factored out so that enqueue()
      for ReadableStreamDefaultController and
      TransformStreamDefaultController can share common error messages.
    - Internal accessors getReadableStreamController and
      getReadableStreamStoredError have been added for TransformStream to
    - New accessors isWritableStreamWritable, isWritableStreamErroring and
      getWritableStreamController have been added.
    - WritableStreamDefaultControllerErrorIfNeeded is newly exported on the
      binding object.
    Bug: 780689
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