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    [Courgette] Reduce AssemblyProgram to reduce Courgette-apply RAM floor and disk churn. · 88451332
    huangs authored
    This is the main CL of the AssemblyProgram reduction effort, which makes
    Disassembler emit instructions directly to EncodedProgram, and bypass
    AssemblyProgram, which becomes a holder of LabelManager and Label
    Annotation. Another big change is that Disassembler usage is exposed to
    high-level flows (rather than having it hidden inside
    ParseDetectedExecutable*()). Details:
    - Remove ParseDetectedExecutable*() and expose DetectDisassembler().
    - AssemblyProgram: Remove:
      - Entire Instruction class hierarchy.
      - Allocated instruction in the heap (including preallocated DEFBYTE
      - enum OP {}, which duplicates EncodedProgram::OP.
      - InstructionVector of pointers, which takes 100's of MB on disk.
      - Encode() interface.
    - AssemblyProgram: Add:
      - AnnotateLabels() to generate Label Annotation directly from a
        generator (injected by Disassembler), using LabelReceptor template
        class for counting and storage.
      - PrepareEncodedProgram() to inject data needed (e.g., Label) to
    - Disassembler: Disassemble() is split into CreateProgram() and
    - EncodedProgram: Old AssemblyProgram::Encode() code now moved to
      InstructionStoreReceptor. New GenerateInstruction() is added to
      receive generator from Disassemblyprogram.
    - CourgetteFlow: Disassembler explicitly managed:
      - Remove ReadAssemblyProgramFromBuffer().
      - Add ReadDisassemblerFromBuffer().
      - Add CreateEncodedProgramFromDisassemblerAndAssemblyProgram().
    - High-level flows in courgette_tool.cc, patch_generator_x86_32.h,
      patcher_x86_32.h: Using new more complex flow that involves
      Disassembler; using ASCII graphics in comment to illustrate.
    - Unit tests updates.
    Documentation update will be done in a follow-up.
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