Commit 5af2ff8b authored by Peter Collingbourne's avatar Peter Collingbourne Committed by Commit Bot

binary_size: Remove gold plugin instructions from the docs.

LLVM_DOWNLOAD_GOLD_PLUGIN=1 no longer does anything.

Change-Id: I0c31b6880f8399abf83a51b140ab6ab896be8593
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parent f0747fdc
......@@ -161,7 +161,6 @@ ninja -C out/Release -j 1000 apks/ChromePublic.apk
tools/binary_size/supersize archive chrome.size --apk-file out/Release/apks/ChromePublic.apk -v
# Linux:
LLVM_DOWNLOAD_GOLD_PLUGIN=1 gclient runhooks # One-time download.
ninja -C out/Release -j 1000 chrome
tools/binary_size/supersize archive chrome.size --elf-file out/Release/chrome -v
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