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This CL adds the relevant content at to the Atom
guide at docs/, so the Sites page can be replaced with a link to
the Markdown guide.


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# Atom
([Wikipedia]( is a
multi-platform code editor that is itself based on Chromium.
[Turtles aside](, Atom
has a growing community and base of installable plugins and themes.
You can download and install via links from the
[main Atom site]( If you're interested in checking out the
code and contributing, see the
[developer page](
## Workflow
......@@ -21,7 +32,7 @@ A typical Atom workflow consists of the following.
To setup this workflow, install Atom packages for Chrome development.
$ apm install build-ninja clang-format \
$ apm install build build-ninja clang-format \
linter linter-cpplint linter-eslint switch-header-source you-complete-me
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