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    Require explicit selection of traits for LazyInstance · 5e65e3a4
    scottmg authored
    This change requires the user of LazyInstance to explicitly select
    either ::DestructorAtExit or ::Leaky. It seems clear that many users of
    LazyInstance have just gone with default and are either unaware or
    didn't consider that the default requires running an AtExit at process
    As a first step, make this choice explicit, and update current users
    to be ::DestructorAtExit to maintain current behaviour. Follow ups can
    then attempt to consider individual switches from DestructorAtExit to
    Leaky including reviewers with domain-specific knowledge.
    i.e. No intended behaviour change from this CL.
    Lots of TBRs for mechanical changes:
    boliu: android_webview/
    danakj: cc/
    dmurph: storage/
    jam: content/ ipc/, mojo/
    jbauman: gpu/
    jochen: gin/
    oshima: chromeos/
    raymes: ppapi/
    rdevlin.cronin: extensions/
    rockot: device/, services/
    rogerta: google_apis/
    rsleevi: net/, crypto/
    sdefresne: components/, ios/
    sergeyu: jingle/
    slan: chromecast/
    thakis: base/, chrome/, third_party/, tools/, ui/
    vitalybuka: printing/
    wez: remoting/
    Review-Url: https://codereview.chromium.org/2733283002
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#455405}
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