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    Update Blink OWNERS file for tooling info. · f0967b50
    dpranke authored
    This CL updates the OWNERS information for
    //third_party/WebKit/Tools and //blink/tools to be current
    (including adding TEAM and COMPONENT info), and
    also adds a preparatory OWNER stub for //blink and tweaks
    a few lines in //third_party/WebKit.
    This CL removes jochen@, peter@, and tony@ as owners, as they haven't
    committed anything to the tools code in some time, and adds
    the current contributors. I should probably remove myself as
    an owner as well, but I'll let that go for a few more months.
    This CL also removes the wildcard "*" owner from Tools/Scripts, as there's
    no needd for that to be a wildcard these days, and the blink infra folks
    should review all changes.
    R=qyearsley@chromium.org, jeffcarp@chromium.org, tansell@chromium.org, wangxianzhu@chromium.org, tkent@chromium.org, jochen@chromium.org, peter@chromium.org
    Review-Url: https://codereview.chromium.org/2800863004
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#463002}
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