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    Polld: support GPIO read/write · 97b40772
    Johny Lin authored
    extension for touch panel fixture usage.
    TEST=Manually on Beaglebone
      1. Check help string
         $ python poll_client.py -h
      2. Start polld
         $ python polld.py -d
      3. Check gpio7 is not exported yet
         $ ls -d /sys/class/gpio/gpio7 # should fail
      4. Run poll_client to poll gpio7
         $ python poll_client.py -r 100 gpio_falling:7
         Connect voltage 3.3V to GPIO7, then change to GND.
         The client waiting for GPIO7 should be notified.
      5. Run poll_client to read/write gpio7
         $ python poll_client.py -r 1 gpio_read:7
         --> gpio7 = 0
         $ python poll_client.py -r 1 gpio_set1:7
         $ python poll_client.py -r 1 gpio_read:7
         --> gpio7 = 1
         $ python poll_client.py -r 1 gpio_set0:7
         $ python poll_client.py -r 1 gpio_read:7
         --> gpio7 = 0
      6. Stop polld.py by Ctrl+C or SIGTERM.
         Check gpio7 under sysfs are unexported again.
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