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    ext/theora/theoradec.c: make comments work · f8dd2b32
    Benjamin Otte authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    2004-01-31  Benjamin Otte  <in7y118@public.uni-hamburg.de>
    * ext/theora/theoradec.c: (theora_dec_chain):
    make comments work
    * ext/vorbis/vorbisdec.c: (vorbis_dec_src_query),
    (vorbis_dec_src_event), (vorbis_dec_chain):
    add encoder tag, fix tag reading to be more error tolerant, change
    BITRATE to NOMINAL_BITRATE, add debugging, don't unref events after
    * gst/tags/gstvorbistag.c:
    undefine function specific define at end of function
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