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    rtpjitterbuffer: improved rtx-rtt averaging · f440b074
    Havard Graff authored and Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête committed
    The basic idea is this:
    1. For *larger* rtx-rtt, weigh a new measurement as before
    2. For *smaller* rtx-rtt, be a bit more conservative and weigh a bit less
    3. For very large measurements, consider them "outliers"
       and count them a lot less
    The idea being that reducing the rtx-rtt is much more harmful then
    increasing it, since we don't want to be underestimating the rtt of the
    network, and when using this number to estimate the latency you need for
    you jitterbuffer, you would rather want it to be a bit larger then a bit
    smaller, potentially losing rtx-packets. The "outlier-detector" is there
    to prevent a single skewed measurement to affect the outcome too much.
    On wireless networks, these are surprisingly common.
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