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    rtpjpegdepay: Don't send invalid frames downstream after packet loss or a DISCONT · e20a6877
    Nirbheek Chauhan authored
    After clearing the adapter due to a DISCONT, as might happen when some packet(s)
    have been lost, the depayloader was pushing data into the adapter (which had no
    header due to the clear), creating a headerless frame out of it, and sending it
    downstream. The downstream decoder would then usually ignore it; unless there
    were lots of DISCONTs from the jitterbuffer in which case the decoder would reach
    its max_errors limit and throw an element error. Now we just discard that data.
    It is probaby not worth trying to salvage this data because non-progressive
    jpeg does not degrade gracefully and makes the video unwatchable even with
    low packet loss such as 3-5%.
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