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    v4l2: Add Video Encoder support · 27310365
    Ayaka authored
    This implements H264 encoding support using generic V4L2 interface. It is
    reported to work with Samsung MFC driver, IXM.6 CODA driver and
    Qualcomm mainline Venus driver. Other platform should be supported as
    none of this work is platform specific.
    The implementation consist of a GstV4l2VideoEnc base class, which
    implements the core streaming functionality. This base class is implemented
    by GstV4l2H264Enc class that implements the caps negotiation specific to
    H264 profiles and level. This implementation supports hardware with multiple
    H264 encoder. Though, to make it simplier to use, the first discovered H264
    encoder will be named v4l2h264enc. Other encoder found during discovery will
    have a unique name like v4l2video0h264enc.
    This work is the combined work of multiple developpers in the last 3
    years. Thanks to all of the contributors:
      Ayaka <ayaka@soulik.info>
      Frédéric Sureau <frederic.sureau@vodalys.com>
      Jean-Michel Hautbois <jean-michel.hautbois@veo-labs.com>
      Nicolas Dufresne <nicolas.dufresne@collabora.com>
      Pablo Anton <pablo.anton@vodalys-labs.com>
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