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    MIPS: SEAD-3: Fix GIC interrupt specifiers · d3f61634
    Paul Burton authored
    The various interrupt specifiers in the device tree are not in a valid
    format for the MIPS GIC interrupt controller binding. Where each
    interrupt should provide 3 values - GIC_LOCAL or GIC_SHARED, the
    pin number & the type of interrupt - the device tree was only providing
    the pin number. This causes interrupts for those devices to not be used
    when a GIC is present. SEAD-3 systems without a GIC are unaffected since
    the DT fixup code generates interrupt specifiers that are valid for the
    CPU interrupt controller.
    Fix this by adding the GIC_SHARED & IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH values to each
    interrupt specifier.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Burton <paul.burton@imgtec.com>
    Fixes: c11e3b48 ("MIPS: SEAD3: Probe UARTs using DT")
    Fixes: a34e9388 ("MIPS: SEAD3: Probe ethernet controller using DT")
    Fixes: 7afd2a5a ("MIPS: SEAD3: Probe EHCI controller using DT")
    Cc: linux-mips@linux-mips.org
    Cc: stable@vger.kernel.org  # v4.9+
    Patchwork: https://patchwork.linux-mips.org/patch/16189/Signed-off-by: default avatarRalf Baechle <ralf@linux-mips.org>
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