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    PCI: Add dummy pci_acs_enabled() for CONFIG_PCI=n build · fe594932
    Geert Uytterhoeven authored
    If CONFIG_PCI=n and gcc (e.g. 4.1.2) decides not to inline
    get_pci_function_alias_group(), the build fails with:
      drivers/iommu/iommu.o: In function `get_pci_function_alias_group':
      iommu.c:(.text+0xfdc): undefined reference to `pci_acs_enabled'
    Due to the various dummies for PCI calls in the CONFIG_PCI=n case,
    pci_acs_enabled() never called, but not all versions of gcc are smart
    enough to realize that.
    While explicitly marking get_pci_function_alias_group() inline would fix
    the build, this would inflate the code for the CONFIG_PCI=y case, as
    get_pci_function_alias_group() is a not-so-small function called from two
    Hence fix the issue by introducing a dummy for pci_acs_enabled() instead.
    Fixes: 0ae349a0 ("iommu/qcom: Add qcom_iommu")
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGeert Uytterhoeven <geert@linux-m68k.org>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarBjorn Helgaas <bhelgaas@google.com>
    Reviewed-by: default avatarAlex Williamson <alex.williamson@redhat.com>
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