Commit 411db35b authored by Helen Mae Koike Fornazier's avatar Helen Mae Koike Fornazier
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Update - add `--rwdir /tmp` in weston instruction

parent 89fcc984
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ This following command will launch virtme with a display, keeping the serial in
# NOTE: `CONFIG_DRM_VIRTIO_GPU=y` must be enabled in the kernel config.
$(host) virtme-run --graphics --kdir $KDIR --kopt="console=ttyS0" --qemu-opts $MEM_CPU -vga virtio -serial mon:stdio
$(host) virtme-run --graphics --rwdir /tmp --kdir $KDIR --kopt="console=ttyS0" --qemu-opts $MEM_CPU -vga virtio -serial mon:stdio
Where $KDIR is the path of your kernel directory.
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