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    Fedora 28 support (#1820) · e8001c39
    Brenden Blanco authored
    * tools: use printb for more python3 compat
    Switch to printb in killsnoop and wakeuptime
    * tests: use subproceess sleep to trigger test
    In some python implementations, time.sleep uses select instead of
    nanosleep and hence won't trigger the bpf kprobe.
    * tools: remove explicit python3 shebang
    Use an ambiguous python invocation in the shebang line. Instead, rely on
    packaging stage to mangle the line to specify a python version.
    * cmake: add ENABLE_LLVM_SHARED option
    This adds an option to specify that only the dynamic libraries should be
    used to link bcc. This is most likely to be used in systems that don't
    build/provide the llvm-static and clang-static package options
    * rpm: enable llvm_shared and python3 build options
    Enable rpm packaging with two new features:
     - shared-only packaging (no static linking)
     - python3
    To enable these build features (off by default), run:
     RPM_WITH_OPTS="--with llvm_shared --with python3" ./scripts/build-rpm.sh
    * rpm: protect python3-bcc package declaration
    Don't define python3-bcc if --with python3 isn't explicitly specified.
    * specs: only build python3 if requested
    * man: compress man pages
    * specs: enable python3 by default in fc28+/rh8+
    - Enable llvm_shared and python3 --with options by default in new fedora
    - Fix string quoting
    - Update spec changelog