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......@@ -15,19 +15,30 @@ such as the Celeron 4305U.
The Dell Latitude 5400 Chromebook Enterprise has been flashed and tested
with a [Servo Micro](../../01-debugging_interfaces) interface and a
RTL8152-based USB-Ethernet adapter. Note that these devices don't
support [CCD](../../02-ccd).
RTL8152-based USB-Ethernet adapter, as well as with a combination of
Servo Micro and Servo v4 as documented in [this
page]( Note
that `sarien` Chromebooks don't support [CCD](../../02-ccd).
#### Network connectivity
An external USB-Ethernet dongle based on the Realtek RTL8152 can be used
to provide Ethernet connectivity in Depthcharge. Alternatively, A Servo v4 can be
used together with the Servo Micro to provide an Ethernet interface,
although this hasn't been tested yet.
used together with the Servo Micro to provide an Ethernet interface (see
the [official
Note that to be able to use the RTL8152 USB-Eth adapter, the kernel must
be configured with `CONFIG_USB_RTL8152=y`.
#### Known issues
See [Common issues](../
After issuing a `cold_reset:on` command with `dut-control`, this device
can't be turned on again with `cold_reset:off`. The recommended way to
turn it off and on is with the `power_state:off` and `power_state:on`
See [Common issues](../ as well.
### Example kernel command line arguments
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