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    Add guestfs target mount point · 7bbdccd1
    Denis Pynkin authored
    Allow to specify any path in `lava_test_results_dir` for deployments.
    Originally guest image for Qemu is mounted to target mount point but in the same
    time path inside the image skip only 1 directory in hierarchy doubling
    the rest of the path in Qemu VM, for instance:
    `/var/lib/lava-5/lib/lava-5/bin/...` instead of `/var/lib/lava-5/bin/...`.
    This behavior causes the issues in `lava-test-shell` test:
     lava-test: # lava-test: # sh: 9: /var/lib/lava-4/bin/lava-test-runner: not found
    Signed-off-by: Denis Pynkin's avatarDenis Pynkin <denis.pynkin@collabora.com>
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