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    Add a new none-or-some element <allowbuilddep> to project meta config · 309e5a9e
    Vivek Das Mohapatra authored
    These patches merely add the new element which has no effect as of
    this commit.
    The new element is added to:
    • the RNG xml declarations
    • BSXML.pm (which serves a similar purpose for the back end code)
    • bs_srcserver which supplies the parsed metadata to backend services
    • the database
      ◦ initial schema (structure.sql)
      ◦ migration file
    • the rails model(s)
      ◦ the project,rb model
      ◦ a new allowbuilddep.rb model for the element iteslf
      ◦ _project.xml.builder which generates XML from the database
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