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    meson: fix test-gstreamer · 02de1fa1
    Jan Tojnar authored and Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête committed
    On Nix, test-gstreamer fails with
    	36/38 test-gstreamer                          FAIL     0.07 s (exit status 1)
    	--- command ---
    	BUILT_WITH_MESON='1' /build/libnice/build/tests/nice-test-gstreamer
    	--- stdout ---
    	Running suite(s): nice_gstreamer_test
    	0%: Checks: 1, Failures: 1, Errors: 0
    	../libs/gst/check/gstcheck.c:466:F:nice:buffer_list_test:0: Could not create a 'nicesink' element
    	Check suite udpsink ran in 0.002s (tests failed: 1)
    Let’s add the build directory to GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH_1_0, so that
    the test can find the built GStreamer element.
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