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    SPECIFIC: Allow creating a GIOStream with a non-reliable agent · 418bfbcb
    Olivier Crête authored
    Only usable with the patches from
    SPECIFIC: agent: Fix GSource dispatches for UDP NiceOutputStreams
    The GSource created by g_pollable_output_stream_create_source() on a
    NiceOutputStream would never have been dispatched, due to not having any
    poll events (or anything else); it only works for TCP streams because of
    a GCancellable child source which is triggered by the TCP code.
    Fix that by making ComponentSource suitable for G_IO_IN and G_IO_OUT
    again, and adding that as a child source for UDP output stream GSources.
    agent: SPECIFIC: Drop support for reliable streams
    libnice should not be implementing pseudo-TCP support internally — it
    should provide the PseudoTcpSocket as a separate API which user code can
    use if it needs. If this were to be upstreamed, a deprecation path would
    have to be written, continuing to support the old API. However, that
    would take too long, so this commit just rips it all out.
    This commit *must not* be upstreamed.
    agent: Add nice_agent_get_socket() to return a GDatagramBased
    TODO: Needs documentation and testing.
    This bumps the GLib dependency to 2.46 for GDatagramBased.
    agent: Remove nice_agent_get_io_stream()
    It has been replaced by nice_agent_get_socket().
    TODO: This needs documenting and testing.
    TODO: This should *not* go upstream without turning it into a
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