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    ms-ice: calculate FINGERPRINT according to [MS-ICE2] · b3910a9c
    Jakub Adam authored
    Connectivity checks that are fully conforming to [MS-ICE2] should
    contain IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION attribute ([MS-ICE2] equal to 2
    and their FINGERPRINT should be calculated as described in RFC5389
    section 15.5 (i.e. using standard CRC lookup table).
    We need this because some Skype for Business clients no longer accept
    messages whose FINGERPRINT contains a value calculated using Microsoft's
    old custom CRC table (specified verbatim in [MS-ICE2]
    The change creates a compatibility breakage with legacy Lync clients
    which will be fixed in following commits.
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.freedesktop.org/D1136
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