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    Reduce the strength of "arc executing on arc" from an error to a warning · 7bb8dbab
    epriestley authored
    See PHI13. This was introduced a very, very long time ago in D311 and D312, and I think T168 was the original report.
    It prevents `arc` from being used in some semi-reasonable (maybe?) automation workflows where you're hooking some version of "Land Revision" up to `arc land`. This isn't necessarily the right approach, but I think the concession here to make this work is small.
    Running `arc` against another copy of `arc` makes `arc unit` not work, but we provide a good error message. Most other `arc` operations still work correctly.
    All of these situations are bizarre edge cases but I think we can safely warn and continue here. Even if we revert this behavior later, almost no one should be affected, since this essentially only impacts users developing `arc` itself.
    Test Plan: Ran one copy of `arc` against another, saw a warning instead of an error. `arc unit` failed, but with a good error.
    Reviewers: chad, jmeador
    Reviewed By: jmeador
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D18264
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