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    Refine unusual inline comment client interactions · 63bfad0f
    epriestley authored
    Summary: Ref T13513. Refine some inline behaviors, see test plan.
    Test Plan:
      - Edit a comment ("A"), type text ("AB"), cancel, edit.
        - Old behavior: edit and undo states (wrong, and undo does not function).
        - New behavior: edit state only.
      - Edit a comment ("A"), type text ("AB"), cancel. Undo ("AB"), cancel. Edit.
        - Old behavior: "AB" (wrong: you never submitted this text).
        - New behavior: "A".
      - Create a comment, type text, cancel.
        - Old behavior: counter appears in filetree (wrong, comment is undo-able but should not be counted).
        - New behavior: no counter.
      - Cancel editing an empty comment with no text.
        - Old behavior: Something buggy -- undo, I think?
        - New behavior: it just vanishes (correct behavior).
    Maniphest Tasks: T13513
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D21212
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