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    build-sys,man: use XML entities to substite strings · 1a13e31d
    Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek authored
    This makes it easier to add substitutions to man pages,
    avoiding the separate transformation step.
    mkdir -p's are removed from the rule, because xsltproc will
    will create directories on it's own.
    All in all, two or three forks per man page are avoided,
    which should make things marginally faster.
    Unfortunately python parsers must too be tweaked to handle
    entities. This isn't particularly easy: with lxml a custom
    Resolver can be used, but the stdlib etree doesn't support
    external entities *at all*. So when running without lxml,
    the entities are just removed. Right now it doesn't matter,
    since the entities are not indexed anyway. But I intend to
    add indexing of filenames in the near future, and then the
    index generated without lxml might be missing a few lines.
    Oh well.
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