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    Import Debian changes 237-3ubuntu10.2 · d4ed9c0c
    Dimitri John Ledkov 🌈 authored
    systemd (237-3ubuntu10.2) bionic; urgency=medium
      * logind: backport v238/v239 fixes for handling DRM devices.
        These changes introduce all the fixes that correct handling of open fd's
        related to the DRM devices, as used by for example NVIDIA GPUs. This backport
        includes some refactoring, corrections, and comment updates. This to insure
        that correct history is preserved, code comments match reality, and to ease
        backporting logind fixes in the future SRUs. (LP: #1777099)
      * Disable dh_installinit generation of tmpfiles for the systemd package.
        Replace with a manual safe call to systemd-tmpfiles which will process any
        updates to the tmpfiles shipped by systemd package, taking into account any
        overrides shipped by other packages, sysadmin, or specified in the runtime
        directories. (LP: #1748147)
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