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    systemctl: add is-failed · 1a0fce45
    Thomas Hindoe Paaboel Andersen authored
    Adds is-failed to join is-active and is-enabled.
    I grabbed this one from the todo list. Most of the functionality was
    already there for is-active. I just needed to make check_one_unit take
    the states to check for as an argument instead of the hardcoded
    "active" and "reloading".
    is-failed will return 1 if none of the units given are failed. This is
    different from is-active which will return 3 if none of the units
    given are active. It returns 3 with this comment:
    /* According to LSB: "program is not running" */
    As that does not make sense when looking for failed units I simply
    chose 1 instead.
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