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Draft: selftests/bpf: Migrate a test from test_bpf

Muhammad Usama Anjum requested to merge bpf1 into next-20240207_

TODO before sending upstream: Think if shorter register definition macros should be kept or not.

Migrate INT: ADD trivial test from test_bpf to verifier. Set R0 to 0 explicitly at the end of bpf program. Otherwise, the verifier marks the test failed. The output of the verifier is as follows:

  ./test_verifier 0
  #0/u INT: ADD trivial OK
  #0/p INT: ADD trivial OK
  Summary: 2 PASSED, 0 SKIPPED, 0 FAILED

Signed-off-by: Muhammad Usama Anjum

Edited by Muhammad Usama Anjum

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