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    intel/fs/live_variables: Do compute_start_end in BITSET_WORD chunks · fce0214e
    Jason Ekstrand authored
    For a block with a contiguous chunk of 32 vars that don't need updating,
    this lets us skip 32 vars at a time. Also, by using bitscan, we only
    iterate for each set bit rather than testing them all one at a time.
    Looking at perf (with -O0 which is unfortunately necessary to get
    reasonable back-traces), this seems to cuts about 50-60% of the time
    spent in compute_start_end() which is, itself about 4-6% of the
    run-time. In the real world, with a release driver build, this cuts
    1.34% off a full shader-db run. (I ran shader-db 5 times in each
    Reviewed-by: default avatarMatt Turner <mattst88@gmail.com>