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    doc: Add table of MI versions · 1fea0d53
    Simon Marchi authored
    This patch adds a table summarizing the history or MI versions:
    - The version number
    - Which GDB version introduced it
    - Breaking changes compared to the previous version
    The goal of the table is to help writers of front ends know which
    version of MI they can use with a given GDB version.  It will also help
    them update their code to work against a newer MI version.
    Right now, we just have 1 and 2, but we expect to add an entry for 3
    soon.  I did a bit of archelogy and reverse engineering of the code to
    come up with the breaking changes for MI 2.
    I did some changes to the text around it, some things that I thought
    needed to be clarified, seemed a bit dated or seemed just wrong
    (especially "Apart from mi0, new versions of @value{GDBN} will not
    support old versions of MI").
    	* gdb.texinfo (GDB/MI Development and Front Ends): Add table of
    	MI versions.  Update text around it.
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