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    gdb: change linux gdbarch data from post to pre-init · d9655058
    Simon Marchi authored
    The following patch will need to fill a field in linux_gdbarch_data
    while the gdbarch is being built.  linux_gdbarch_data is currently
    allocated as a post-init gdbarch data, meaning it's not possible to fill
    it before the gdbarch is completely initialized.  Change it to a
    pre-init gdbarch data to allow this.
    The init_linux_gdbarch_data function doesn't use the created gdbarch,
    it only allocates the linux_gdbarch_data structure on the gdbarch's
    obstack, so the change is trivial.
    	* linux-tdep.c (init_linux_gdbarch_data): Change parameter to
    	(_initialize_linux_tdep): Register pre-init gdb data instead of
    Change-Id: If35ce91b6bb5435680d43b9268d811d95661644f
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