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Add more implementations

Simon McVittie requested to merge smcv/libcapsule:wip/ into master

libcapsule only supports x86, but for completeness we have a list of non-x86 implementations, in order to be one step closer to portability. This MR expands and corrects that list a bit.

  • capture-libs: Fix path to hppa, m68k, powerpc, s390

    This was probably copy/paste damage from some other architecture. According to these architectures are 32-bit (or technically 31-bit for s390) and install their in /lib.

  • capture-libs: Add for aarch64_be-linux-gnu

    We have no plans to support big-endian 64-bit ARM, but since we have a reasonably comprehensive list here, we might as well include it.


  • capture-libs: Add commented-out for some more obscure architectures

    I don't know the right predefined macros to detect these, so they're just comments for possible future reference.

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