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    Update to Chromium revision cb947c01 (#352221) · 8aac2338
    Marshall Greenblatt authored
    - Implement CefRequestHandler::OnBeforeBrowse using NavigationThrottle
      instead of ResourceThrottle (see http://crbug.com/537634). The CefRequest
      object passed to OnBeforeBrowse will no longer have an associated request
    - Mac: Remove additional helper apps which are no longer required (see
    - Remove the UR_FLAG_REPORT_RAW_HEADERS flag which is no longer supported (see
    - Remove the CefBrowserSettings.java parameter. Java is an NPAPI plugin and
      NPAPI plugins are no longer supported (see http://crbug.com/470301#c11)
    - Add CefFormatUrlForSecurityDisplay function in cef_parser.h
    - Fix crash when passing `--disable-extensions` command-line flag (issue #1721)
    - Linux: Fix NSS handler loading (issue #1727)
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