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    Update to Chromium revision 6e53600d (#386251) · e7ddc933
    Marshall Greenblatt authored
    - Remove |accept_lang| parameter from CefJSDialogHandler::OnJSDialog
      and CefFormatUrlForSecurityDisplay (see https://crbug.com/336973#c36).
    - Remove remaining NPAPI-related code including functions from
      cef_web_plugin.h (see https://crbug.com/493212#c55).
    - Mac: 10.7+ deployment target is now required for client applications.
    - Mac: Remove CefBrowserHost::SetWindowVisibility (issue #1375). No
      replacement is required for windowed rendering. Use WasHidden for
      off-screen rendering.
    - Windows: Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 is now required when building
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