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    cros/mash: Terminate the browser process if the ash process crashes · ed46d84d
    James Cook authored
    The window manager process (ash) caches some state about the browser
    process, and the browser caches some state about ash. We eventually
    want to make these processes restartable, but for now we need to
    terminate the browser if ash crashes. When the browser terminates on
    Chrome OS the OS-level session manager daemon will restart it.
    This broke when we moved the mojo service manager back into the
    browser process.
    Also clean up the old ShouldTerminateServiceManagerOnInstanceQuit
    support we were using for the standalone and background run modes
    for service manager, since we're not using those modes right now.
    Ctrl-Alt-Shift-K to crash ash, see the browser exit too
    Bug: 678683, 772098
    Test: unit_tests, run chrome --mash --ash-debug-shortcuts and press
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