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    Adds H264 flag/adds config for H264 experiment. · 7ab44493
    Gus Smith authored
    See cl/162492371 for the equivalent experiment-adding change in the client.
    There are two main additions in this change:
    1. Addition of a host-side --enable-h264 flag, passed to the host, which
        (in the case of chromotocol) ensures that H264 cannot be removed by 
        removing it from the list of possible codecs if both client and host
        do not have it enabled. In the case of webrtc, this flag does not 
        actually do anything; H264 will always be advertised as an available
        codec, but will only be chosen if the experiment is enabled on the
        client. In addition, we make sure the flag is copied in the case of 
    2. Addition configuration changes related to this new flag. Namely,
        addition of set_h264_experiment_enabled in CandidateSessionConfig,
        and making sure it is called in the appropriate locations. 
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