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    Convert queue and deque to base ones in //media · 3137bc1d
    Brett Wilson authored
    Adds circular_deque iterator operator[] which is required for being
    a random access iterator but was not implemented. This is used by some
    media tests.
    Converts std::queue to base::queue and std::deque to base::circular_deque for
    all files in //media.
    We're standardizing on the base variants for platform consistency and memory
    usage. Eventually, a presubmit will be added to prevent using the STL ones.
    A base::hash_set in sender_rtcp_session.h was converted to a std::unordered_set
    using base::IntPairHash as the hash function.
    Affected typedefs were converted to using statements. If there were adjacent
    typedefs, those were also converted.
    An example was added to IntPairHash in base since I had trouble declaring it
    A "std::" was added in stream_parser_unittest.cc that previously depended on
    Koenig lookup to resolve the namespace.
    Bug: 757232
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