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    Restore stress_test_common script. · 7b636e95
    halyavin authored
    This script were present in https://codereview.chromium.org/22935012
    but it disappeared when that CL was commited manually.
    Also fix copy-paste error in analyze_stress_test.
    TEST= courgette/run_stress_test -s <chrome_dir1> <chrome_dir2> <result_dir>
          courgette/run_mem_test <result_dir>
          courgette/analyze_stress_test <result_dir>/log
          courgette/analyze_mem_test <result_dir>
    Also create fake bsdiff and bspatch which use courgette executable and
    add courgette and these utilities to the PATH.
    BUG= 274054
    Review URL: https://codereview.chromium.org/994883002
    Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#320250}
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